The Space Between

By Theresa on Aug 13, 2016 02:57 pm

This space that I am currently in is a weird one.  After leaving the Appalachian Trail, I have found that it is taking me longer to get back to “normal” than I thought it would.  I suppose I should start from the end of my last post and give everyone an update on what is going on.

We left from Monson, Maine by hitchhiking down to Bangor, Maine.  We didn’t have much of a plan in Bangor other than to visit Stephen King’s house and grab some photos.  After that we tried to hitch down to Portland, but failed miserably and couldn’t get out of Bangor.  We ended up taking Uber over to a KOA campground for the evening.  There we met some really wonderful people there that were genuinely interested in how we had been living the past few months.  After Aaron and I discussed our options, we decided to take the Greyhound down to Portland, Maine.  From there we ended up renting a car to drive back home.

Sixteen hours of driving and five hours of sleeping in a rest area in the back of the car got us to Tennessee.  The next few days were spent visiting Aaron’s family and friends.  We then drove up to Indiana and visited some of my family and friends.  After looking at places to live in both areas I believe we have finally decided on what to do.

We first want to get a stable living situation.  Right now our plan is to rent a place for a year or so.  This will give us ample time to decide where we would like to live long term.  We both enjoy city and country living so it is a hard decision when choosing between the two.  Starting out we will probably look for a place near Louisville, Kentucky.  There are a lot of job opportunities there that Aaron could pursue which aren’t as available in the rural areas.

You would think that four months in the mountains would give you plenty of time to decide what you want to do with your life.  If anything, it opened so many more doors that making a decision is even more complicated.  Coming back from the trail has been more overwhelming to me than I thought it would be.  However, I know that things will smooth out as we become settled and accustomed to being back home.


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