My Blessed Boots

By Theresa on Jul 27, 2016 08:45 pm

I started out on the trail in a pair of Soloman Speedcross trail runner shoes. After a couple months I switched over to a pair of New Balance minimalist sneakers.  I enjoyed having them while hiking in Virginia; Maine ate my shoes for lunch.

I arrived in Monson, Maine after trudging through the 100 mile wilderness, knowing I needed some new kicks.  My feet were aching more than usual since they had little cushioning in the first place.  I usually enjoy wearing minimalist shoes, but sharp rocks quickly changed that opinion.  I had also slipped a handful of times on the rocks due to the fact that I had no tread left.

Today I decided a hitchhiking trip into the Greenville outfitter was in order.  We attempted hitching for awhile, then took a break and went to the Appalachian Trail Conservancy.  We wasted 15 minutes and then tried to hitchhike again.  After a couple more attempts we gave up and walked over to a little missionary thrift store.

Upon walking in, I wandered to the back of the store and found a few huge racks of shoes.  Only one pair of hiking shoes were among all of these.  It was a pair of mid 90’s Nike ACG hiking low tops in pristine condition.  It just so happened that these shoes fit me perfectly!  This is quite an amazement since I have a terrible time trying to find shoes that fit.

After wandering around the store I found the lady that owned the place.  She said she had owned a business for many years and quit to work towards her calling from God.  She opened this missionary thrift store and everything is donation based.  I gave a donation for my new shoes, but I was amazed that I could have taken them for free if I had no money.  I wore those shoes right out of the store and the owner gave us a blessing as we left.


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